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Head to Toe Salon and Spa  1903 Keller Andrews Rd.  Sanford, NC 27330

   About Gail Myres

Gail Myres

Masters Certification

Instructors Certification

Alliance for Safe Practice

Gail Myres has been in the permanent makeup business since 2004. She owns and operates Permanent Make up by Gail in her salon and spa along with her dedicated and caring staff of beauty professionals that offer the latest in hair, skincare, massage and permanent makeup. Gail and her husband Ron moved originally from Miami to the Carolina's in 1978. They built their dream of "Myres Animal Hospital" in 1979. Gail then purchased Head to Toe Salon & Spa in 2003.

Both successful businesses have been honored to be awarded Best Animal Hospital and Best Salon for Lee County. Each business has a dynamic and caring team ready to serve each one that comes their way. Both businesses are located on US 1 in Sanford at Tramway (across the highway from each other).

Gail is joined in her permanent makeup business with Dana Sullivan of Sanford and shares her love for permanent makeup and making a positive difference in each persons life!

Both Gail and Dana received their permanent makeup education from the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics in Arlington, Texas, while taking intermediate and advanced courses and seminars, keeping up to date with intradermal concepts.

Gail is also certified as a Master and Instructor through AIIC.

Certifications include:
-- Master Certified
The Masters Certification Program proves that I can demonstrate experience as a permanent cosmetics technician. This hands-on certification and industry-recognized credential, certifies that I am an aesthetic and technical leader in the field of permanent cosmetics.

-- Instructor Certified
Only available to AIIC Certified Masters (or equivalent), this training in the excellence of permanent cosmetics allows me to educate and motivate others in the permanent cosmetics industry.

-- Alliance For Safe Practice

Gail loves sharing her gift of giving each client the enhancement of permanent makeup that meets their own individual beauty needs and desires. She wants them to be able to enjoy living each day "Waking Up with Make-Up". The consultation visit gives each client a special one-on-one time to share their own special wants and needs. Gail considers this communication a most important time to listen and then share in the personalized process and design of permanent makeup to compliment the shape of their face, eyes, lips, and eyebrows. Appointment is then made for their permanent makeup procedure.

Interested in a procedure?

Gail can be reached at 919-478-9125, or ggmyres@gmail.com.Gail performs herpermanent makeup procedures at Head to Toe Salon, 1903 Keller Andrews Road, Sanford, NC 27330.


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